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Our Coaches

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, getting more energy, feeling better, or performing better at the gym, our team of health and wellness coaches are here to help. We provide the type of one on one care that you won't find anywhere else. Contact a coach today for your free consultation!


Matt Donovan & Corrie Edgerley

Matt and Corrie are the owners of Nutrition Dynamix, and together can help absolutely anyone who walks through the club doors with their health and wellness journey.

Matt is a health coach specializing in gaining muscle mass, strength training, and healthy nutrition. He is a life-long athlete with great experience in maintaining mass, retaining energy, and can help coach you to optimal performance through diet and healthy lifestyle changes. 

On the other hand, Corrie has years of experience with weight loss, cutting and bulking phases, as well as weight training. She can help guide people looking to lose weight or get the body shape they desire through clean eating practice, introduction to weight training, and help others recover their relationship with themselves for sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Truly a dyna(mix) duo

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